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5 Friendly Reptiles For A Pet

By Bernard Yao

Are you looking for an excellent pet gift for your kid? But you aren’t sure what to buy yet? Dogs and cats are so passé. Almost every American home has this at home to keep them company. The thing is with these animals, is you have to dedicate much effort, time, money and food for them — sometimes, that’s bothersome.

Try picking out a pet that is unique, amazing to be with, eats less, and doesn’t need to be taken for walks and all. Why not get one of those cute yet slimy reptiles instead? You can choose from a wide variety of snakes, turtles. etc.

Yes, reptiles are great pets for kids. Here are a couple of them:

1. Snakes

They may look deadly and slimy, but they make great pets for kids. But what makes them good pets? Well for one, they are ultimately low maintenance, eats lets and they are fond of sleeping all day. These cold-bloodied reptiles are cute to look at – as long you don’t piss them off of course.

2. Leopard Gecko

Enjoy taking care of a low maintenance, low cost pet — the leopard gecko. This exotic pet eats less compared to a cat or a dog and the best part is you don’t have clean after it or walk it in the park. Unlike other reptiles, you don’t need a cage to keep it in, and its diet composes of only 50 crickets for the whole week. Talk about cost effective. Geckos are hypo-allergenic pets, meaning they are great for kids who have allergies. They can let it crawl all over the house and they can have blast with this amazing pet.

3. Turtles

Turtles are exotic yet low maintenance pets. All they need is a low tank filled with a little amount of water and a little piece of land. You can even let your pet turtle walk around the house, it won’t go far. It doesn’t eat much either. Although they would smell a little foul most of the time if you don’t clean your tank regularly.

4. Frogs

Frogs are another great reptile pet. These semi-aquatic creatures are low maintenance and they would eat almost any living thing smaller than them. You can set frogs in the yard and they would clean the area from mosquitoes, flies, ticks and whatever insects are lurking in your yard.

5. Salamanders

Salamanders have porous skin and they are sensitive to the changes in the environment. They make great pets and they don’t eat much like the other reptile pets. All they need is a tank, a little amount of water and a scoop of land.

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