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All About the African Grey: Training

By Margaret Scroob

Ask any parent the question, when does your child get up to mischief? They will answer when the child is bored. The same applies to your parrot; therefore keeping him entertained whether through toys or training is only beneficial to both you and your parrot.

Children, who often are neglected, soon learn to get their parents attention they must do thing that others do not approve of. The same can be said about your parrot.

Most screeching parrots do so as they get a verbal response and sometimes a squirt of water directed towards them. Like children, any attention is better than no attention. Therefore, when you shout at your parrot you are in fact training him. I screech, they shout, your parrot got what he wanted; your attention is his reward.

How about just covering the bird up if it is in his cage, he does not want that, he will learn that if I shout, I am covered up. Without any screaming and shouting you have trained your bird not to screech.

You must take into account that African Grey Parrots are very observant and love repetition and routine. When training your African Grey parrot put these three into action.

African Grey parrots are ready for training as early as twelve weeks. It is to your and their advantage if you are able to start then. First, you will have to gain your parrots trust. He needs to know that you are the dominant one. Just like your child knows that you are in charge and he has no vote in that, the same must apply for your parrot.

Remember your African Grey loves routine so at an early age start setting a routine for him, such as after we have all eaten and dishes are done, it is parrot time for an hour. Try to stick to that routine as it will only help to make your parrot feel secure.

When training your African Grey parrot never lose your cool, rather stop the training session. If one way does not work, try something new, or change the way you are doing it, but do not lose your temper and hit or shout at your bird. You will lose his trust and in so doing it will take twice as long if ever to train your parrot.

African Grey parrots are very sensitive and bullying it will not work, it will back fire. It is not the parrot’s fault but yours. It is not a stupid bird, as the saying goes, a bad carpenter always blames his tools.

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