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Basic Facts About Gouldian Finches

By Michael D Stanford

Gouldian finches require more care, compared to other finches like the zebra finches. They would need more attention and there are several strategies you need to learn to ensure that they will be at their best.

The gouldian finches, just like any other animal, would require fresh water every day. The water of the Gouldian needs to be checked and replenished more often than other finches. Make sure that there are no molds or dirt that will come in contact with the water. It must be free of algae to prevent your guildian finches from getting sick. You can use Aviclense in order to make sure that their water would be algae free. Just put a few drops in the water. This product can also be placed in the pond or rock pools if you have an aviary.

What is the basic diet for gouldian finches?
Gouldian finches have a very specific diet, consisting of green vegetables and fresh seeds. As for the supplements, you can give them biscuits, eggs and cuttle fish bones for calcium in order to keep their beaks strong. You can also provide them with grit that contains oyster shells and eggs shells.

If you are living on place with a very cold climate, then you need to make sure that the gouldian finches’ cage is located where they can get direct sunlight. You can also provide them with cod liver oil for vitamin D, in case there’s a storm and you need to keep them inside.

The gouldian finches have been accustomed to the wild, which is why they are harder to keep and maintain. If you want to keep them as pets, you really have to create an environment very similar to their natural habitat. You would also need to take some time to train the Gouldian finches to eat healthy food. Normally, it would take them about 7 months before they accept the new diet you’re giving. You should always be patient in feeding them. Sometimes, you would need to give them a new selection of food every now and then, just to attract their attention. Keep doing this until you get them to accept what you are offering.

The gouldian finches’ diet have several stages, at first they have to undergo maintenance and resting season diet for about 3 months, and then the pre-breeding austere diet that will last up to 1 month. This would be enough time for them to cease the hormone flow and to rest their reproductive organs. The next 6 months would be their breeding season diet and the last 8 weeks would be the molting season diet. They would vary their food intake during this period and you would really have to be observant on what they prefer to eat.

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