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Bird Feeding in the Garden

By Paul Andonaque

My aunt is 65 years old. A retired teacher and a green thumb. Not so long ago, she always tried to wake up around five in the morning to tend her plants. She waters them, trim dried leaves and branches, and even talk to them. In the afternoon, she goes home as early as she could to spend time in the garden doing the same exact routine. She does this everyday when the weather is bearable. I can clearly feel how she love her garden so I came up with the idea to add some wonderful friends to help her cheer up when she’s alone. Especially now that she always get bored staying at the house when everyone is going to school or work. My plan is to construct a small oasis in the center of the garden and set-up bird feeders to attract local fowls. My aunt loves birds and I think she’s going to love this idea! This may not be new to some of you guys but to those who aren’t aware of this growing trend, let me share some valuable information.

There’s a popular trend nowadays to turn your garden as a safe place for birds to feed, drink and enjoy as much as they can without the fear of outside factors. Garden owners find it very rewarding to see a diverse group of birds hanging out in the backyard. In fact, it is also a good cause to help these creatures survive particularly during winter when food is scarce and predators are highly on the lookout.

Another great thing about this idea it can be easily done and pretty much affordable too. All you need are either bird feeders, bird boxes, bird baths, nest boxes or a combination of two or three. You can design and construct your own bird feeder since it doesn’t require high grade materials nor too much time to prepare. Of course, there are also commercial bird feeders, bird boxes, bird baths, nest boxes that come in different colors, styles and there are others that are custom-made to meet the demands of different bird types.

If you have a big backyard you can also set up a place to attract a particular type of bird. Every species of birds not only has a different diet but also some distinguished manner of feeding. That is why there are different styles of bird feeders and bird boxes to provide a familiar or natural feeling for the birds while feeding. This setup is perfect for avian photography, bird watching or if you are doing research for bird behavior.

Transform your garden into a mini bird sanctuary within hours and help protect our fowl friends by providing accessible food and water. This is not only a new found hobby or way to add something new around the house but a humble act to preserve one of the most loveliest creatures in our environment.

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