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Braiding Horse Hair: The Benefits for Your Horse

By Sam Milner

Braiding horse hair can really improve the appearance of your horse. If you are going to show your horse it is pretty much a requirement, the judges expect to see it. While most people braid horse hair because they like the way that it looks there are in fact benefits to your horse as well.

The most obvious benefit that you will get is that it makes your horse look better. This is not really a benefit for your horse of course; it is more of a benefit to you. Nevertheless it is the reason that most people will do it. Horse hair does have a tendency to be all over the place so putting it in braids can really help its appearance.

The biggest benefit of braiding horse hair, at least from his perspective, is that it helps to prevent his skin from becoming irritated. Parasites love tangled hair and a lot of them will make their homes in the tangles of a horse mane. These parasites can really irritate the skin so it is important that you take steps to keep them away. You can do this by keeping the mane well brushed but this can be a real hassle. Keeping it in braids will make it far easier to keep the parasites out.

Braiding horse hair will also help to keep the hair healthy. The hair on the mane has a tendency to break when it is allowed to grow freely. Once the hair starts to break it does not grow particularly well. This is another case where brushing the hair regularly can help but it is much easier if you put it into braids. Most people simply don’t have the time to brush their horse’s hair everyday so they prefer to braid it.

Braiding horse hair will also help to train it so that it all grows in the same direction. This is more for appearance than it is for any other reason but it is still useful. Once you have the hair trained it will all fall on the same side. This will help to reduce the number of tangles that develop in the hair. You will find that after you have got the hair trained so that it all falls on the same side you will not need to brush the hair as often. That being said most people will do it because they like the way that it looks on the horse rather than for the benefits that it offers.

Braiding horse hair is skill that anybody who owns a horse should know how to do. There are a lot of benefits not only will your horse look better but he will also be healthier. There are lots of resources that you can use to learn about braiding horse manes so there is no reason not to take the time to learn how to do it.

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