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Cold Weather Pet Care

By Michele Elward

As we find ourselves in the middle of winter, it’s important to pay particular attention to our pets when they’re outside. When temperatures get into the twenties and below, with whipping winds, pets can suffer serious health problems. Besides not leaving your dog, cat or other animal outside for too long, there are several other precautionary measures you can take to care for your loving pet.

I generally don’t favor going nuts over buying every trinket imaginable for my pets, but there are a few that make a lot of sense when it’s cold and windy out. For dogs and horses, it’s a good idea to purchase a coat. I have an all weather coat for my dog that’s made of a nylon material on the outside and fleece on the inside. This provides warmth as well as protection from the snow and rain. It attaches via one Velcro strap that goes from one side to the other side of the dog around his or her belly. As for cats, they don’t often take kindly to coats, but do your best to keep them inside during winter storms. They can easily get disoriented under very bad conditions. I’d rather have more litter box duty to handle, than find myself driving around the neighborhood trying to track down a cold, wet cat!

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How To Cope With Pet Loss: Grieving the Death of a Beloved Pet

By Marianne Soucy

When your beloved pet has died, it is perfectly normal to grieve. You might even be surprised by the depth of the grief you experience. Continue reading

What Animal Makes For A Great Apartment Pet

By Andrew Reichek

Are you looking for the perfect apartment pet to occupy the space with you? There are many pets that don’t make for good companions in a small space. If you spend a little time researching, you will be able to find the perfect pet for both you and your apartment home. But don’t rush into buying a pet too quickly. There are some more options that you will want to consider. Continue reading

Top 10 Poisonous Species

By Maria Kruk

Sharp teeth or aggressive behavior are not the only weapon animals can possess. Dangerous internal causes might be the consequence of the infiltrating of poison, provided by certain animals and fish representatives. Here one may find top ten poisonous species: Continue reading

Reasons Why Your Betta Fish Aren’t Eating

By Steven Caller

When all is going well, Betta fish eat a variety of foods and are generally willing to accept flake foods, frozen foods and especially live foods such as brine shrimp or bloodworm. Their eating habits are generally quite predictable and they will eat almost all of the food you put in their tank, providing you aren’t over-feeding them. However, sometimes it seems that Betta fish don’t want to eat and this can be the sign that something is wrong. Here are the main reasons why Betta fish stop eating. Continue reading

10 Simple Rules To Keep Your Goldfish Healthy

By Grant Lord

Most disasters with goldfish start the moment they are purchased. If you think you can purchase a goldfish, throw it into a new aquarium or pond, and expect it to thrive, you are sadly mistaken, or very lucky. Most of the basics such as setting up the aquarium and quarantine tank should have been done prior to the purchase of your new pet. Continue reading

Causes Of Fish Diseases In Your Aquarium

By J W Chase

Fish disease is the one thing all aquarium owners dread. Not only will it be developed by one of your fish, but it can quickly spread to the rest of your fish, too. Continue reading

Why Do Betta Fish Fight?

By J W Chase

Want to know why Betta fish fight? Well there are many reasons for this aggressive behavior. The main reason is the people of Southeast Asia have bred them to fight for hundreds of years. Here is a history of this popular fish and the reasons the little fish wants to fight. Continue reading

How to Keep Your Fish Tank Clean

By J W Chase

Aquarium freshwater fish are picky with the cleanliness of their environment. If you allow it to get dirty, you may stress out your fish leading to sickness and even death. Here are some ways I keep my 75-gallon aquarium clean and my fish happy. Continue reading

What to Do If Your Fish Tank Is Cloudy

By J W Chase

If you have an aquarium, then you may have experienced cloudy water. Here are some causes of cloudy water and what you can do to stop it. Continue reading