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How To Cope With Pet Loss: Grieving the Death of a Beloved Pet

By Marianne Soucy

When your beloved pet has died, it is perfectly normal to grieve. You might even be surprised by the depth of the grief you experience. Continue reading

Pet Care Tips For Your Pet Lizard

By Bernard Yao

A lizard is a great pet because it has a lot of characteristics that cannot be found in other pets. These characteristics are the reason why more and more people are choosing a lizard for a pet instead of the more traditional pets like dogs, cats and birds. However, you have to understand that while lizards a different pet, it does not mean that caring for it is easy. In order to help you be a responsible pet owner, here are some pet care tips for pet lizards. Continue reading

Types Of Water Turtles

By Alan Stables

There are many different types of water turtles in the world today, and many of them can be kept as pets. Water turtles are broken down into two sub-categories: aquatic and semi-aquatic. The turtles that are strictly aquatic are well-equipped for living in the water and rarely go on land, usually just to lay eggs. Those that are considered to be semi-aquatic are better equipped to be on land, and do spend some amount of time on land, searching for food or sunning themselves. They also obviously lay their eggs on land too. Continue reading

Garter Snakes As Pets – The Basics You Need To Know

By Greg Weir

The garter snakes (genus Thamnophis) are perhaps the best-known snakes in North America. Most are characterized by the presence of stripes running the length of their bodies on a dark background. These stripes may be very pronounced and bright, somewhat obscure, or entirely absent, depending on the species, subspecies, or mutation. A single population of the eastern variety of this genus, Thamnophis sirtalis sirtalis, may have striped individuals, others in which the stripes are obscure or replaced by a checkerboard pattern, and others which are coal-black and lack all trace of any pattern. Some of the western species, like the checkered garter snake, Thamnophis marcianus, and some western varieties of Thamnophis sirtalis, are very attractive snakes to look at. Continue reading

Facts and Fun Side of Pet Monitor Lizards

By Jenny Parks-Smith

There are different species of monitor lizards, do your homework to insure you pick the right kind for you and your family, it is also imperative to have space and appropriate surroundings for the lizard. Adult sizes range so vastly, some actually get up to 6 ft! Size isn’t the only thing to consider, they eat different things from insects, then grow older and become carnivores. Other delicacies include boiled eggs, earthworms, silkworms, and sometimes feeder fish. Continue reading

5 Friendly Reptiles For A Pet

By Bernard Yao

Are you looking for an excellent pet gift for your kid? But you aren’t sure what to buy yet? Dogs and cats are so passé. Almost every American home has this at home to keep them company. The thing is with these animals, is you have to dedicate much effort, time, money and food for them — sometimes, that’s bothersome. Continue reading

Top 10 Poisonous Species

By Maria Kruk

Sharp teeth or aggressive behavior are not the only weapon animals can possess. Dangerous internal causes might be the consequence of the infiltrating of poison, provided by certain animals and fish representatives. Here one may find top ten poisonous species: Continue reading

Spotted Turtles Information

By Alan Stables

Many people have seen pictures of Spotted Turtles, but may not know anything about them. They are currently at the risk of extinction in various parts of Canada and the United States, but can still be found occasionally at pet stores, and by private breeders. Their beauty and small size make them ideal as pets, but you should be prepared before bringing one into your home. Continue reading

What to Feed Your Bearded Dragon

By D C Rona

Bearded dragon’s natural habitat is the Australian desert. Food in that region is rather scarce; therefore, this species is omnivorous and can survive on a number of dietary items. But once you bring one home, you are looking for more than survival – you want your beardie to thrive. So the biggest question is what to feed your bearded dragon? Continue reading

Positive Aspects of Adopting a Reptile As a Pet

By Jade Jennison

More people are becoming interested in having a reptile as a pet than ever before and it can be a very good choice for you. Reptiles can be exciting creatures and are undoubtedly beautiful. Adopting one as a friendly companion could be an amazing experience. Reptiles are all we have left of an ancient era and being able to understand how they live and survive could not only be an interesting and educational trip but also a heart-warming one. Continue reading