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Choosing a Finch Cage

By Luke E Wright

As soon as you decide to acquire finches, it is imperative that you also make up your mind about the cage where you will keep these beautiful birds as pets. Most finch lovers get their finches in pairs so the cage must be spacious not only because of the numbers but also these creature need plenty of room to fly.
So select largest cage that you can find. If it’s just a pair of finches, the perfect size for a cage is about 2-and-a-half feet long. The horizontal space is more important than its vertical space because it gives your finches more room to fly.

The best cage for finches are made of wrought-iron or powder-coated steel. Make sure that the bars are spaced so that your finch cannot get his head out, or he may escape or become stuck.

Your finch will need several perches in the cage. The sizes and materials for the perches must be varied so the finches can move freely with their feet, which they habitually want to use for exercise. Natural wood perches with the bark still on them are a good choice although perches made of wood, rope or concrete perches will also do. Keep the perches apart for the highly active finches.

It is also important that you line the bottom of the cage with newspaper or plain paper towels. Do not use gravel or corncob since the finches may eat the material and jeopardize their well-being.

There is always the possibility that, becoming enamored with the finches, you will increase the number of your pet finches from the original pair. In that case, you should acquire a larger cage as you go along. But you can keep the smaller cage that you bought at the start for the cleaning routine. As you clean the larger cage, you may place the finches in the smaller cage and bring them back to the large cage when you’re done.

Just as important is what goes into your finch cage. The house cats might want to get into the cage to have your finch for dinner. So it must be built with sturdy materials with bar spaces impossible for other creatures to break into. Other items that the cage must have are of course a container or dish for bird food and fresh clean water.

The cage should also have a provision for bathing. Finches like to bathe themselves so place a shallow dish with water in the cage, to be replaced regularly. Make sure that the bathing dish is securely attached to the iron base of the cage.

As for the frequency and method of cleaning the finch cage, you should do it at least once a week and use hot water and soap. The purpose is to eliminate the smell that bird droppings exude when dry.

If you like to pamper your finches, you may place some toys in the cage. But see to it that the toys don’t hamper the movements of the birds. The toys must also not break into tiny pieces that the birds can swallow.

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