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Stop Your Dog From Jumping On People

By Carrie Lockheart

The jumping up upon people behavior of your dog is often rather irritating for you as well as for your own guest. You should discourage or even train your pet to make sure that this jumping on individuals behavior may cease or even stay controlled. There are many methods which you can try to manage this behavior of your dog. However, it all depends upon the seriousness of the condition. For example, if this jumping behavior is happening lately, then you have choice of checking out different methods to control it. Nevertheless, just in case this problem is really a continual one, then you might have very little options.

Punishing your pet dog as well as yelling loudly plus scolding your pet dog might not be a smart resolution for the issue. The majority of canines start this particular jumping up on people thing to obtain attention and therefore, if you yell or begin to punish your dog for this particular act, then the purpose of attracting attention becomes a success for the dog and in the future your dog will approach exactly the same method for getting your attention. The first thing that you could do to make sure that your dog puts a stop to jumping at people is to overlook the whole jumping process. Whenever your dog attempts to hop on you, you can try to dodge or at best you can turn your own back towards the dog to create the emotion of ignorance. This way, your dog will know that this is not the correct way of obtaining attention. Over time, your pet is going to cease this acting of leaping on individuals. An effective training could make sure that the behavior of jumping on people diminishes and at some point goes away.

Apart from this, you can even choose the collar tug method in which you can use a quick collar and attach it on your dog anytime guests arrive or even sometimes whenever you desire to train your dog. In this collar tug training, all you need to do is to give a firm downwards tug upon the collar of the dog when you discover that your dog is starting the jumping up behavior. However, you will have to time this specific tug and it ought to not end up being more than a couple of seconds. Furthermore, you need to make sure that the tug just isn’t too strong and that it is not hurting your dog. You can try out these various approaches and you’ll certainly discover success within restraining your pet from jumping up on people.

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