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Guinea Pig Noises and What They Mean

By Chris Short

Guinea pig noises are noises that will keep both the pigs and the humans around them entertained. Guineas have a variety of noises that all mean different things. They are talking and if an owner listens close enough they will understand what is being said.

Guinea pig noises and what they mean is not hard to understand if you have had one of these wonderful pets. These pets are gentle and loving. They have very good personalities and will give hours of company and friendship.

It is not odd to hear your guinea pig make squeals of delight when you walk into a room. If you are an owner that spends quality time with your pig they will be excited to see and hear you. Once you pick up your little friend you will hear apurr of contentment and your pig will be happy to return your love and affectation. This purr is also something you will hear when the male pig is trying to romance his female friend. This goes on for hours and days at a time. What is even better is if you stand and watch your male he will actually walk around the female swaying his hips. This can keep anyone entertain for hours. Entertained for hours unless you are the female that is not interested.

Speaking of Guinea pig noises and what they mean have you listed to your little friend when there is a knock on the door or another sound startles them? They make a noise that sounds like a short sharp type of purr. The Guineas may make this sound once when startled or may do it a few times while the danger, or what is conceived as danger, is near. After the danger has gone away the pigs will stop and go back to their normal routine.

They will often squeal when they are being offered a treat. This is pure excitement. Many pigs will do this when being offered vegetables and will hear you coming and get excited. Not only does it make the owner smile the little ones are excited to see what life has in store for them.

When you first get your pet Guinea do not be discouraged if you do not know what the noises mean right away. It will take time for the two of you to get to know another. By playing with your pig and taking good care of him/her you are building up trust. Soon your little guy/gal will be your best friend and you will understand exactly what he/she is saying to you.

If you have a regular feeding schedule you will hear some pretty entertaining guinea pig noises. The minute you are within hearing distance the fun begins. They are smart animals and they also know when food is on its way. Be warned, you will have some very happy and very loud little Guineas when the food is seen.

One of the less liked or appreciated Guinea pig noises is the shrieking they are capable of doing. This shrieking can be quite loud and annoying. Your pet may do this if really scared or hurt. Many times if you have more than one pig together one may nip the other. Another time they may shriek is because there is some aggression going on. The one doing the shrieking is the one who is afraid and not the one being aggressive. And when there is shrieking it is hard not to hear it.

Hearing Guinea pig noises and what they mean will take some time. Give it a couple of weeks with you new pet and you will be an expert in pig talk. And when they are sleeping you will actually miss their entertaining sounds.

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