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How to Take Care of Your Pet Ferret

By Jade Jennison

It is becoming more popular to have a ferret as a pet as they are very playful and intelligent creatures who can entertain for hours. They can be litter trained and are generally clean and quiet animals that are easy to care for in comparison to other pets. Although they are easier to care for they still require a lot of attention and you need to be responsible when looking after them. As they are extremely sociable it is best to keep them in pairs or more but they will still need attention from their owners or may become lonely and feel rejected.

Basic essentials you will need to consider when caring for a ferret include:

  • Housing
  • Food and Water
  • Exercise
  • Litter Training
  • Chew Toys



Ferrets are happier running free throughout the home and if you are not prepared to let your ferret roam free, they are not the pet for you. Confining a ferret in their cage could cause them to become restless and frustrated and they tend to claw and gnaw the cage resulting in dental damage. A ferret cage should be at least 1 metre by ½ a metre to allow them some space to play and be sure to include a lot of toys and accessories to keep them entertained. As they are pets who love to tunnel provide them with blankets, towels, sheets and other items for their bedding making sure that they do not have decorations on them that the ferret can pull of and swallow. Clean their cage thoroughly at least once a week.

Food and Water

Using heavy food and water bowls with a small mat underneath to catch spillage is ideal as ferrets are playful creatures and will no doubt tip over their bowls. Do not use a water bottle as it could cause damage to their teeth and they enjoy washing their faces with water so a bowl is necessary and the water should be changed at least once a day. Ferrets have high metabolisms so they tend to eat a lot but only eat until they are full and fresh high quality food specialised for these pets should be provided at all times. They also enjoy fruit and vegetables and the odd treat to keep them happy.


It is easy to exercise a ferret if you include plenty of toys and ways of exercising within the cage and let them out whilst you are there. Playing with them a lot will also keep them happy and healthy and give them plenty of exercise.

Litter Trays

Ferrets can be litter trained and this is beneficial for when they are out of their cage. Use a dust free litter as the alternative could cause damage to their respiratory system and use a litter tray that covers at least two corners of their house. Also make sure to use a litter tray that these playful creatures cannot tip over and clean it daily.

Chew Toys

These rodents love to gnaw, like every other rodent, so providing them with chew toys is a necessity. These beautiful creatures’ teeth grow continuously throughout their lives so providing chew toys can keep their teeth at an acceptable length.

Ferrets are rewarding pets to own if you give them the correct care and attention. If you feel like you do not have time to keep them happy and healthy then it is advised that you do not adopt these rodents.

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