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Leather Vs Nylon Horse Halters

By Dennis Canfield

While many factors come into play when deciding between leather and nylon horse halters, the main consideration is (and always should be) the comfort of your horse. Leather has been used for centuries, of course. But keep in mind–there is always room for improvement. For a long life and durability, nylon can be your best option to consider.

Things to consider in regards to leather:

• Can be customized with color and decorative working
• Requires maintenance to stay supple
• Weather can affect the look and wear-ability of leather goods
• Moisture can build up underneath, especially during a heavy workout
• Can be very expensive to have custom made

Leather can be quite decorative, and some pieces are a work of art in and of themselves. Traditional craftsmanship, along with new technologies, has made some real showpieces. But one might make the argument that they aren’t really suited for everyday use. They require special treatment to keep them looking good and have a tendency to shrink if they get wet. This can cause chafing on the animal and make for an uncomfortable experience. It could even lead to infections when gone unnoticed for any length of time.

Nylon horse halter benefits:

• Can also be custom decorated and colored to order
• Easy maintenance, many are wash and wear in any non allergenic detergent
• Weather resistant and most colors are also fade proof
• Breathable, no build up of moisture underneath as the weave allows for more air flow
• Reasonably priced, even for custom made with monograms and a variety of color combinations

Nylon horse halters are both serviceable and attractive. They have the ability to be used on an everyday basis, even when custom ordered, since they are so durable and fade resistant. Woven nylon has more strength, and therefore more durability than leather. They also maintain their shape and size through many wash cycles, with none of the shrinkage associated with leather goods. There are also leather crown and fused leather options available on the buckling ends for a more polished look.

Custom Sizes

Sizing can be an issue for some horses with unusual measurements, and most companies that custom create nylon horse halters will offer custom fits as well. Standard sizes with lots of available options can also be found for:

• Foals and miniature horses with hard to fit measurements
• Ponies and very young horse
• Standard size horses
• Extra large and hard to fit horses
• Adjustable jaw straps
• Double crown buckles and leather crown options

There are clear advantages to both leather and nylon horse halters. But when it comes to durability and long life, nylon will definitely come out a clear winner. Working halters and show halters can both be custom created the help your horse stand out from the rest–and show a little personality and style. You put a lot of time, love and money into the care of these animals. It only makes sense to invest in gear that will stand the test of time and look as good as new years down the line.

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