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Cat Depression – How to Detect, Treat and Prevent

By Emmy E Bill

People are not the only ones who get the blues. Cat depression is real and often the result of major changes in a cat’s routine, such as the death of an owner or animal friend, loneliness or a change in their living situation. Every cat with depression will behave differently, but you will likely notice a change in her behavior. If she is usually enthusiastic when she’s around you but suddenly stops paying attention to you, she could be depressed.

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Dog Yeast Infections: A Simple Guide

By Simon Tong

Yeast infections are a pretty common skin problem in dogs, just like us humans. Also similar is their manifestations as reddish inflamed skin, incredibly itchy that also produces an unpleasant odor. But while most instances of yeast infections are usually visible on your dog’s skin, the problem can also affect them internally.

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Cold Weather Pet Care

By Michele Elward

As we find ourselves in the middle of winter, it’s important to pay particular attention to our pets when they’re outside. When temperatures get into the twenties and below, with whipping winds, pets can suffer serious health problems. Besides not leaving your dog, cat or other animal outside for too long, there are several other precautionary measures you can take to care for your loving pet.

I generally don’t favor going nuts over buying every trinket imaginable for my pets, but there are a few that make a lot of sense when it’s cold and windy out. For dogs and horses, it’s a good idea to purchase a coat. I have an all weather coat for my dog that’s made of a nylon material on the outside and fleece on the inside. This provides warmth as well as protection from the snow and rain. It attaches via one Velcro strap that goes from one side to the other side of the dog around his or her belly. As for cats, they don’t often take kindly to coats, but do your best to keep them inside during winter storms. They can easily get disoriented under very bad conditions. I’d rather have more litter box duty to handle, than find myself driving around the neighborhood trying to track down a cold, wet cat!

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Hot Weather Tips For Dogs

By Nikola Marshall

Anytime temperatures turn extreme, pet owners should take extra precautions to ensure that their companions are comfortable and safe. Pets are living beings and should be treated as such. Keeping this in mind, here are some tips to keep your pet healthy and a happy during the hot months.

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Nursing Rabbits: How To Care For A Sick Rabbit

By Hannah E Davis

A sick rabbit should only be nursed at home by veterinary instruction i.e. if your rabbit is sick, always see a vet first and foremost. There are several circumstances in which your vet may ask you to nurse your rabbit at home rather than keeping it at the vet’s surgery. For example, if your rabbit has had an operation, most commonly neutering or spaying, or is suffering from a long term illness such as Pasteurella or E.Cuniculi. Continue reading

What Do Guinea Pigs Eat?

By Madeline Dyer

Guinea pigs (or cavies as they are often called) are fun, lovable, popular pets for so many people. If you are thinking about getting a cavy you’ll need to know what their dietary requirements are in order to provide the correct guinea pig care and guinea pig food that these animals need. Continue reading

Guinea Pig Noises and What They Mean

By Chris Short

Guinea pig noises are noises that will keep both the pigs and the humans around them entertained. Guineas have a variety of noises that all mean different things. They are talking and if an owner listens close enough they will understand what is being said. Continue reading

Fun Facts About Guinea Pigs

By Madeline Dyer

Guinea pigs are very popular pets for people of most ages. Each cavy is different, having his or her own personality and favourite things. Here are some interesting and fun guinea pig facts: Continue reading

How to Care for a Guinea Pig

By Jade Jennison

Guinea pigs are extremely sociable creatures and tend to get lonely if you do not spend time with them every day. Many people believe that these pets are easy to care for and do not need a lot of attention but it is in fact the opposite and you will need to be dedicated when adopting such a fantastic animal. It is good to keep these excellent pets in same sex pairs as they could also become very lonely on their own. Although it used to be acceptable that you keep these pigs outdoors it is now recommended that they remain indoors due to interaction with the family and also weather problems. Continue reading

What Do Ferrets Eat?

By Jack L. Stone

Congratulations on your first ferret! You will soon discover the joys, the laughter and the frustration of owning a cunning, smart and energetic pet who will change your life for the better. But, have you considered how you are going to affect his life? You probably have a cage and some toys, but have you considered what you’re going to be feeding your ferret? Continue reading