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Things You Should Know Before Adopting a Rabbit

By David D. Warren

It is definitely nice to have a pet rabbit around the house. However, as they say, looks can be deceiving so it is advisable that you learn more about rabbit personality first before deciding if you can handle to have this pet. You should not decide based on the appearance only because sometimes there are animals that are not compatible with your lifestyle.

Here are some details and information about the personality of rabbits to know if they are compatible with your lifestyle:

1. Rabbits do not like to be held – they look harmless and adorable just like what you see in various cartoons, but you should not immediately assume that you could carry them any time you want to. The truth is that rabbits do not want to be cuddled and held. They may scratch you when you get too cozy with them. They like to feel their feet on the ground so do not try to hold them hanging up in the air. This could also have dangerous effect on them especially when they start kicking out their hind-legs out of fear and panic.

2. They need regular attention from their owners – despite the fact that they do not want to be held or cuddled, they still need regular attention from their owners. You should make sure to spend time with them. You should arrange daily exercise routines with them so they can improve their physical and mental health.

3. Rabbits are generally happy in pairs – it is also a good idea to adopt rabbits in pairs because they are happier in pairs. This animal is sociable, so they appreciate having a pair that they could mingle with. Rabbits also groom with the help of each other so it would be easier for them to clean themselves when they have a pair.

4. Boredom can cause depression for them – it is also very important to know that rabbits do not easily cope up with boredom. They get depressed when they are bored. Therefore, it is advisable that you prepare various activities and routines for them. This way, they will not get bored inside their cage.

5. Rabbit’s cage needs to be cleaned at least twice a week – speaking of the cage; you need to clean the cage at least twice a month. You should make sure that the cage is thoroughly clean to avoid germs or bacteria that might cause infections or other sickness to your pet bunny.

It is advisable that you consider the details mentioned in this article first before getting a pet rabbit. You should remember that rabbits are not ideal for small kids. As mentioned, rabbits do not want to be cuddled and carried so they will surely have difficult time around playful kids who will surely carry them out of the cage.

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