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What Do Ferrets Eat?

By Jack L. Stone

Congratulations on your first ferret! You will soon discover the joys, the laughter and the frustration of owning a cunning, smart and energetic pet who will change your life for the better. But, have you considered how you are going to affect his life? You probably have a cage and some toys, but have you considered what you’re going to be feeding your ferret?

Some people still think that ferrets can eat dog food. While it’s true they can do so for a short time, it’s not healthy for them. Unlike dogs, ferrets have a very small intestinal tract and a very simple digestive system. They need highly concentrated food designed for their dietary needs. Dog food simply doesn’t have the protein they need, and can be loaded with carbohydrates which ferrets simply can’t digest.

However, for a healthy, happy pet you need to make certain that whatever you feed your pet, your ferret is given a high protein diet that doesn’t have too much fiber. In past years, it was widely believed that the best food for a ferret diet was cat food. Fortunately for ferrets, more and more pet stores are carrying vet approved food designed to meet the needs and tastes of your ferret. These ferret diets take into account what vitamins, minerals and other additives your pet needs to be his happy, healthy best, and can be found at more and more pet stores.

When buying ferret food, you will occasionally see a frozen option made with fish and other meats that says it’s ideal for your pet. But many ferrets don’t like the taste of frozen food, even if it’s been reheated. You will soon learn just how picky an eater a ferret can be, so it may take some trial and error before you find the perfect combination for your pet.

Ferrets can become quickly devoted to one particular flavor or brand of food and will soon turn their noses up at any other offering. This is why you need to be aware of what a ferret diet ought to contain in order to keep your pet healthy. You might want to consider getting your ferret used to a varied diet by mixing two or three different foods into his bowl. Not only will it keep him from becoming too fixated on one flavor in particular, it will also help cut down on difficulties for you if his favorite brand is discontinued.

If your ferret spends more of his meal time digging at his bowl, try exchanging it for something smaller and more shallow, like a saucer. But the digging could simply be your ferret looking for the best bite of food. Ferrets are playful, curious animals who can get into mischief without meaning to. Part of keeping your ferret from getting into too much trouble is giving the best ferret diet to your pet.

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